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  • As an alternative to the insulation test by means of periodic verification
  • AC/DC sensitive measured value acquisition type B
  • Pure DC fault evaluation
  • Applicable in a confined space
  • RS-485 with Modbus RTU or BMS
  • Data can be visualised

The six-channel RCMS150… residual current monitors are intended for measuring AC and DC fault currents in earthed power supplies which can be caused by insulation faults on loads. The devices are able to measure residual currents up to IΔ = 500 mA in a frequency range of DC…2 kHz. They are suitable for applications with a load current of up to 32 A and are thus intended in particular for monitoring final circuits. Two separately adjustable response values allow a distinction to be made between prewarning and alarm.

The devices feature an RS-485 interface with either BMS protocol or Modbus RTU which can be used to transfer measured values and alarm values. Setting parameters is also possible via this interface.

In order to meet the requirements of applicable standards, customised parameter settings must be made on the equipment in order to adapt it to local equipment and operating conditions. Please heed the limits of the range of application indicated in the technical data.


  • Continuous residual current monitoring in compliance with DGUV Vorschrift 3 (German Social Accident Insurance Regulation 3)
  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitor type B with 6 channels K1…6 (each channel features 2 measuring channels: 1 x RMS, 1 x DC)
  • Ideal for applications with space limitations
  • Easy DIN rail or screw mounting to standard distribution panels
  • 2 separately adjustable response values (DC or RMS) per channel
  • Continuous self monitoring
  • Fully shielded measuring current transformers to avoid external influences due to magnetic fields that may cause disturbances
  • Compatible with Bender gateways of type COM465IP, CP9…
  • RCMS150 (RS-485 interface with BMS protocol)
    - Compatible with RCMS460/490 in a system setup
    - Address range 2…90, can be adjusted directly on the device
    - Up to 89 RCMS150 can be used on the bus
  • RCMS150-01 (RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol)
    - Compatible with other Modbus RTU-capable device series from Bender, such as the RCMB300 series and RCMB13…-01 in a system setup
    - Address range 1…99, can be adjusted directly on the device via detent poten­tiometers
    - Address range 1…247, can be adjusted via the bus
    - Up to 247 RCMS150-01 can be used on the bus


  • The device RCMS150 series is suitable for measuring AC and DC fault currents up to IΔ = 500 mA in a frequency range of DC 0…2 kHz. The monitored circuit is rated for a voltage of 300 V and a load current of 32 A. The device can be operated at an altitude of up to 2000 m above mean sea level.

LINETRAXX® RCMS150 series Variante/i

TypeNominal supply voltage UsProtocolArt. No.
RCMS150DC 24 VBMSB94053025
RCMS150-01DC 24 VModbus RTUB94053026

Accessori opzionali per LINETRAXX® RCMS150 series

DescriptionRCMS150RCMS150-01TypeArt. No.
Mounting clip for DIN rail mounting B91080110
Condition Monitor with integrated gatewayCOM465IP
CP907-I (flush-mounted enclosure)
CP907-I (control cabinet door mounting)
RS-485 repeaterDI-1DLB95012047
Residual current monitoring system*-RCMS460-D-1

* In this case, no condition monitor/gateway is necessary
Suitable for measured value and alarm indication only, not suitable for parameter setting

Download per LINETRAXX® RCMS150 series

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