| MONITOR | 2/2018 14 INNOVAT I VE PRODUCTS Insulat ion moni toring device isoCHA425 The CHAdeMO (Charge de Move) electrical inter- face for electric cars was developed in Japan and is now in cross-brand usage and can be found at every third charging station worldwide. The aim is to charge electric vehicles at any power outlet. This means that different system types and protective measures can come into contact during charging. This requires careful coordination and implementation to ensure full electrical safety for users. A DC charging station is the method of choice for the fast charging of electric vehicles. To guarantee electrical safety in the charging circuit, the DC charging station is set up as an unearthed DC power supply (IT system) complying to IEC 61851-23. During charging, an insulation monitoring device (IMD) in the charging station monitors the entire charging cir- cuit right up to the electric vehicle. The vehicle's IMD must be deactivated during this process. Bender now offers, in addition to the CCS-compliant isoEV425, the new IMD isoCHA425 complying to the Japanese CHAdeMO charging standard for DC charging stations. Bender has specially developed the new isoCHA425 insulation monitoring device for monitoring the entire charging circuit in DC charging stations. Monitoring is performed according to the Japanese CHAdeMO charging standard. isoCHA425: Safe, CHAdeMO- compliant charging at DC charging stations