16 | MONITOR | 2/2017 The MULTIVAC Group, with its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden in Bavaria, is a leading global manufacturer of holistic packaging solutions for all types of food products, life science and healthcare products as well as consumer goods and industrial goods. As a multinational company with more than 85 branches, the company sets standards as a global player with reference to technology, efficiency and reliability in the field of packaging solutions and it relies on Bender’s electrical safety technology while doing so. occurred with Bender’s residual current technology, which is sensitive to all current types, since 2010. A dedicated IT system was also set up for the test centres in the laboratory area. Monitoring of the currents via a CEP bridge MULTIVAC’s objective is to have no stray currents in the system. In order to achieve this for the new electrical supply networks, the monitoring starts in the low-voltage main distribution board (LVMD) on the central earthing point (CEP). The currents are monitored directly on the CEP bridge for limit values by means of a type W35 pulse current sensitive For MULTIVAC packaging solutions the protection of goods and the preservation of their quality have the highest priority. For this purpose it is necessary to guarantee that in-house production is entirely failsafe, also true of the associated electrical safety features, and these characteristics must be monitored. MULTIVAC is supplied via nine transformer stations at the Wolfertschwenden location by the regional electric- ity supplier Lechwerke AG. In 2016, the peak load was approx. 2.7 MW. The monitoring of the electrical supply at MULTIVAC for the production facilities, training building, robot-con- trolled high-bay warehouses and data centres has TECHNICAL APPLICATION The perfect machine for every packaging